Benevolent Takeovers

Benevolent Takeovers

Benevolent Takeovers The recent GME run-up is an example of what we could think of as a benevolent take over. What is a Benevolent Takeover? A hostile takeover is an approach where shareholders purchase enough shares to gain control of the company, usually with an eye toward reducing headcount, liquidating assets that will improve the […]

Managing Operational Financial Risk for Non-Profits

Financial risk

Managing Operational Financial Risk for Non-Profits Directors of volunteer organizations must take care to give appropriate oversight to reduce the risk of financial loss while allowing officers to execute their duties with minimal interference. When considering financial risk, we can focus primarily on the core operational risks of Fraud, People, Legal, and Model or Process. […]

Algorithmic Allocation Risk Adjusted Return

Algorithmic Allocation

How an Algorithmic Allocation May Improve Risk-Adjusted Return Family offices often require clarity when adding an algorithmic allocation to their portfolios. They may also have questions regarding the parameters that distinguish different algorithms when choosing a strategy appropriate for their portfolio. This article summarizes the challenges to bear in mind when allocating capital to algorithmic […]

Cryptocurrency Risk Management Book

Cryptocurrency Risk Management Book I am happy to announce that I have completed a book titled Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A Guide for Family Wealth Managers [] . I created the book for families managing multi-generational wealth who are considering investing in cryptocurrencies or other digital assets.  These families are not well served by advisors who claim that […]