Family Office Investing and Portfolio Optimization

Joshua M. Peck has more than 20 years of experience in financial engineering and family office investing.

Currently, Josh is the Chief Investment Officer at TrueCode Capital a a risk-first quantitative hedge fund that strives to help family offices and high net-worth individuals preserve and grow family wealth by managing risk on the world’s most exciting assets.

Prior to founding TrueCode Capital, Josh held a wide variety of senior positions including:

Founder and President at Tempo Lending

Developed and managed private real estate debt portfolio

Managed private debt portfolio to return IRR in excess of 15%
Developed algorithmic valuation model to automate screening of potential deals
Created systematic due diligence approach to assess risk contribution of each deal

Angel Investor and Interim CTO for CoreCPM

A startup digital marketing firm specializing in display advertising brokering and real-time bidding. In his role Josh developed low latency advertising bid optimization technologies processing 60k qps (queries per second) and managed the technology team and supervised the financial reporting for acquisition.

Coordinated hiring process between legal and HR for H1B employees
Managed development of self-service demand-side platform for real-time bidding advertising
Created analytics dashboard with revenue attribution engine using Ruby on Rails
Developed low-latency tracking ad server in Golang for revenue and fraud monitoring

COO and CTO for Engage Traffic, LLC.

A performance-driven digital marketing company specializing in PPC marketing. Joshua co-founded the firm and grew the company to $30M annually, reduced technology costs by 80%, and created a distributed technology team that reduced payroll by 60%. Developed PPC bid optimization technologies, anomaly detection.

Scaled technology systems to support $30MM in sales growth over two years
Architected low-latency LAMP hosting architectures to reduce CPC by 25%
Developed Golang and ZeroMQ caching layers to eliminate latency in lead posting systems
Designed revenue attribution system to monitor KPIs across clients and campaigns
Architected cloud-native microservice architecture with CloudFormation, Lambda, API Gateway
Automated JAM stack deployments with AWS CloudFormation, CloudFront, Elasticache, and S3

CTO Landing Media

Boutique digital marketing company specializing in payper-click (PPC) marketing. Hired as a senior software engineer to bring the analytics systems up to date, Josh was promoted to CTO where he achieved several key results: he designed system architectures to enable the business to grow to a top 5 independent Google advertiser, overhauled the network architecture to improve security and scale from $1M to $10M in sales and created a low-latency environment leading to a 90% reduction in missed revenue from lost clicks.

Developed bid automation / revenue management system to boost revenue by 20%
Managed real-time revenue attribution system and applied anomaly detection methods
Created keyword clustering technologies with OpenNLP to improve campaign quality scores
Negotiated data center connections to reduce downtime by 80% and secured with VPN
Managed self-service project for automated ad placements on the Google AdWords PPC network
Designed security-hardened and performance-optimized virtual deployments with 99.9% uptime.

Preserve and Grow Your Family Wealth

Protecting your wealth is key to a successful future for you and your family. Josh will use his knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the greatest growth and security for your portfolio.

He offers a comprehensive range of professional services, including:

  • Family office investing
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Digital portfolios
  • Crypto investing
  • Risk management
  • High net worth investing

Family Office Investing

Family office investing and portfolio optimization are the practice of managing your investments. Josh has more than two decades of experience in financial engineering. He uses his extensive knowledge to help his clients develop and maintain a successful portfolio.

Wealth protection is vital to any investment strategy. Josh will support you in protecting and optimizing the performance of your portfolio with his unique smart risk management tactics.

One of the benefits of family office investing and professional portfolio optimization is Josh’s approach to strategy. He tailors his investment strategy suggestions to the needs and goals of each individual or family. This gives you greater control and flexibility in the management of your assets.

Family office investing can facilitate the achievement of your financial objectives. Let Josh help you preserve your wealth across generations.

How Can Portfolio Optimization Help Me?

Portfolio optimization is the process of maximizing returns while minimizing risks. When Josh creates your client wealth strategy, he will suggest a balanced portfolio that delivers optimal growth. This can help you to diversify your portfolio, reducing risk.

Portfolio optimization can also highlight areas of your portfolio that may be underperforming. As an example, if a particular stock is not doing well, Josh might suggest that you invest your wealth in a more promising direction.

Portfolio optimization is a powerful tool for high-net-worth investors looking for stable long-term growth.

Why Choose Joshua M. Peck?

Josh is the Chief Investment Officer of TrueCode Capital, a hedge fund that helps investors preserve and grow their capital.

Before establishing TrueCode Capital, Josh held a number of executive positions. With over 20 years of experience in cutting-edge technology, he has the financial and technical skills to help his clients achieve successful growth.

He’s known for his knowledge and sound advice in the following areas:

  • Information technologies
  • Financial engineering
  • Risk management
  • Revenue management

Josh believes in giving back to the community. He has acted as an angel investor and mentor for many companies, as well as several venture clubs and accelerators.

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Josh’s deep ability to synthesize various elements for business growth stem from his two-decade long background in emerging technology and quantitative research with a focus on:

In addition to his work as a C-suite executive, Josh has served as an advisory board member, angel investor, and mentor for various venture clubs and accelerators and has invested in a diverse group of companies, including:

BitsWhirl Ltd (Hong Kong) – Cryptocurrency arbitrage firm grown to a 10x valuation.

Engage Traffic – Grown to $30MM/yr.

CoreCPM – Grown to $2MM run rate.

Josh received his BS in Computer Science from Pittsburg State University and his Master of Science, Engineering Management from the University of Kansas. He is a member in good standing with SIAM – Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics. In his spare time, works as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High.