Joshua M. Peck

20+ Years Focused on Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Systems Engineering.


Josh uses his considerable expertise to help your portfolio achieve optimal risk-adjusted growth through a variety of tools including:

Financial Engineering

Operations Management

Risk Management


Expert Help to Preserve and Grow Family Wealth by Managing Risk

With more than 20 years of experience in financial engineering and risk management, Joshua M. Peck can help you protect your wealth by minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

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Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster

Josh uses a variety of tools and his considerable expertise to support you as you grow your family wealth. Protecting your assets and capital is paramount. With his effective risk-management strategies, Josh will help ensure that your investments are protected and perform optimally.

Services include:

  • Operations management
  • Family office investing
  • Digital portfolios
  • Portfolio optimization
  • High-net-worth investing
  • Risk management
  • Crypto investing

Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are an increasingly popular tool for high-net-worth investors. Josh’s unique knowledge of advanced technology allows him to personalize a financial plan for your digital portfolio to meet your needs and risk tolerance.

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About Joshua M. Peck

Josh is the Chief Investment Officer at TrueCode Capital. This risk-first quantitative hedge fund helps high-net-worth clients protect their family wealth.

Before founding TrueCode Capital, Josh held a number of senior roles. His talent for synthesizing the elements required for successful growth was born from his two-decade-long background in cutting-edge technology and quantitative research.

He is renowned for his skills and expertise in the following:

  • Information technologies
  • Financial engineering
  • Risk management
  • Revenue management
  • Stochastic models

Josh believes in giving back. He has served as an angel investor for a diverse range of companies worldwide. He has also been an inspirational mentor for several venture clubs and accelerators.

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